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  1. Relationship Issues
    1. Partner talks too much
      1. Can't find a date
      2. Clothing
        1. Can't find pants/shorts that fit
          1. Can't find business shirts that fit
            1. Don't know when sales are on
              1. Holes in socks
                1. Starts to look old after washing
                2. Work
                  1. Implementing new system
                    1. Too much work
                    2. Food
                      1. Hard to shop for one person
                        1. Things in the freezer stick together
                          1. Don't know when fresh food is going off
                            1. Food preparation takes too long
                              1. Need to clean up afterwards
                              2. Knowing what dishes are good at a restaurant
                                1. Not enough freezer space
                                  1. Drinks too hot/cold
                                  2. Technology
                                    1. Computer hard drive is dying
                                      1. Headphones are getting tangled
                                        1. Tangled leads to breakages
                                        2. Too many emails
                                          1. Too much 'spam' from websites that I have subscribed to
                                            1. Subscribed to too many websites?
                                          2. Computer just fails without warming
                                            1. Too many new technologies are coming out hard to keep up
                                            2. Studies
                                              1. Too much work
                                                1. Too many deadlines in succession
                                                2. Transport
                                                  1. Trains delayed
                                                    1. Car battery broke
                                                    2. Household
                                                      1. Ironing takes too long
                                                        1. Cleaning the house takes too long and boring
                                                          1. Clothes don't dry
                                                            1. Cleaning
                                                              1. Carpet gathers dust
                                                                1. Bathroom gets messy
                                                              2. Money
                                                                1. Budgeting
                                                                  1. Cost of living - high
                                                                  2. Recreation
                                                                    1. Hard to find the right place to relax in
                                                                      1. Finding a place takes up recreation time
                                                                      2. Too many shows on Netflix - What to watch?
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