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What I gained after 2 years at UET


What I gained after 2 years at UET
quang linh nguyễn
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quang linh nguyễn
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What I gained after 2 years at UET
  1. Knowledge
    1. Common knowledge
      1. Philosophy
        1. National Defende Education
          1. English
          2. Basic Engineering knowledge
            1. Math
              1. Programming
                1. Physics
                2. Intermediate Engineering knowledge
                  1. Scientific Research
                  2. Skills
                    1. Personal skills
                      1. Independence Self-management
                        1. Relationships
                          1. Household chores
                            1. Time
                              1. Finance
                                1. Part-time job
                              2. Clubs, organizations
                                1. English
                                  1. Representation
                                    1. Art
                                  2. Social skills
                                    1. Establish relationships
                                      1. Working in group
                                        1. Leadership
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