1984 From A Marxist Perspective

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1984 From A Marxist Perspective
1 Class Struggles
1.1 Sections of Society
1.1.1 2% "Inner Party" Privilidged Bourgeoisie
1.1.2 13% "Outer Party" Arguably a part of the proletariat.
1.1.3 85% "Proles" Marxist idea that the proletariat have no influence over society. Proletariat overthrow Bourgeoisie in times of economic crisis "If there is hope, wrote Winston, it lies in the Proles"
1.2 The social composition of society is revealing
2 Ideologies
2.1 Shown Through Propaganda
2.1.1 The party has tricked the lower members in society (particularly the proles) and convinced them that Big Brother's controlling ways is beneficial to them Ministry of Truth recreates history to show the Party in a positive light. "Nothing exists except an endless present in which the party is always right" Marxist idea of ending history as a whole The party sells the idea of "Junior Spies" by painting it in a away that makes people think that it's the best way to raise their children. In reality, it's a further way of controlling them. In keeping with the Marxist idea that those in control of the means of production (capitalists) shape the rest of society.
3 Message of 1984
3.1 Written in 1949
3.1.1 If totalitarianism is not oppressed, aspects of the novel could be reality.
4 Author's Aims
4.1 According to Marxism, an author's social standing has a strong influence on their work.
4.1.1 Orwell described himself as coming from an lower-upper-middle class family.
4.1.2 His grandparents were wealthy but the prosperity did not pass through the generations.
5 Control Over Society
5.1 Ingsoc = Totalitarian society
5.1.1 100% of the lives of the outer party is subject to surveillance. Any sign deviation leads to potential vaporisation. "Your one-time existence was denied and forgotten." How capitalism controlled society = Manipulated them through Fear. No laws actually set. Unspoken rules based on general fear. Thought police work off fear to cause more fear
5.2 War
5.2.1 In believing there was a war, they (the outer party" were manipulated to accept less money and luxuries from the government. Ministry of Plenty
5.3 Each action the party (capitalist) takes to control society strengthens them.
5.3.1 gain power through wealth
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