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  1. Who Is he?
    1. Jerkline Skinner
      1. "This was Slim, the Jerkline skinner'
        1. A jerkline skinner was the leader of mules on a ranch
      2. Skilled worker
        1. "He was capable of killing a fly on the wheelers butt without touching the mule"
      3. What is his role in the novel?
        1. Voice of authority
          1. "For Slim's opinion was law"
            1. Slim was trusted on the ranch and because of his experience he becomes an authority figure.
            2. "His authority was so great that his word was taken on any subject"
          2. What do they say?
            1. Slim does not talk often
              1. "There was a gravity in his manner and a quiet so profound that all talk stopped when he spoke."
              2. When Slim is in a conversation they truly understand the person they are talking to
                1. "His slow speech had overtures not of thought, but of understanding beyond thought"
              3. What do they do?
                1. He comforts the men on the ranch
                  1. "Take a shovel"
                    1. Slim tries to provide a little bit of comfort to Candy during the killing of his dog by at least making sure it has a proper burial
                2. Relationships
                  1. Most people on the ranch have a good relationship with him
                    1. "What'd he do in Weed?" "Well he seen this girl in a red dress..."
                      1. George has a good enough relationship with Slim to open up about his and Lennie's past despite being there a short amount of time, showing how good Slim is at building relationships
                      2. "Did I show you this Slim?"
                        1. "Whit asks Slim in particular to read the letter as he has a better relationship with him than anyone else on the ranch
                    2. What others think of him
                      1. Respect
                        1. Everyone on the ranch respects Slim, including Curley, while he doesn't say it outright he beats up any one who dares talk about his wife - except Slim, simply because he respects him, even sucking up to him at one point
                          1. "Well I didn't mean nothing slim, I just asked you"
                          2. "Slim's opinion was law"
                            1. The men respect to him enough to give his opinions this much weight
                        2. Physical description
                          1. Tall
                            1. "A tall man stood in the doorway"
                            2. Wears the same clothes as the men
                              1. "Like the others he wore blue jeans and a short denim jacket
                            3. How others feel about them
                              1. Curley is worried about him taking his wife
                                1. "I jus thought you might've saw her"
                                  1. Here Curley is worried Slim may have an affair with his wife
                                2. The other men on the ranch think he is a nice man.
                                  1. "Hell of a nice fella"
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