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Problems Faced By Students


Mind map summarizing the notes from the class session with Miss Salam
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Problems Faced By Students
  1. Being In New Environments
    1. Middle School => High School
      1. New Students
      2. Bullying
        1. Individual Difference (Physical)
          1. Jealousy
          2. Low Self Esteem
            1. High Self-Esteem (Self Centered)
              1. Stress
                1. Lifestyle difference
                  1. Hygiene
                    1. Carelessness
                  2. Family Issues
                    1. Causes Stress & Depression
                      1. Begins Cheating To Fulfil Parents Expectations
                      2. Lack of Organization: No Time Management
                        1. No Manners
                          1. Being Rude & Disrespectful
                            1. Foul language
                            2. Career Choices
                              1. Peer Pressure
                                1. Results
                                  1. Smoking/Drinking
                                    1. Drug Addictions
                                    2. Avoiding Studying
                                      1. Manners Fade
                                        1. Disobeying Parents
                                        2. What Can Be Done By the School To Prevent Peer Pressure
                                          1. Educate Kids on Whats Right At a Young Stage
                                            1. Promote the idea of being unique, to avoid people trying to fit in and fall victim to peer pressure
                                              1. Tell Kids the Negatives of Peer Pressure, So They Would Avoid It Themselves
                                                1. How Kids Can Avoid Peer Pressure:
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