Elements of a Story

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A small Mind-Map on the Elements of a story. :D

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Elements of a Story
1 Plot
1.1 The plan of the story, the element that makes a story a story.
1.2 1)Beginning
1.3 2)Rising Action
1.4 3)Climax
1.5 4)Falling Action
1.6 5)Resolution
2 Setting
2.1 Where the story is set.
2.2 It helps to build background and create images in the mind, it helps set the mood of the story.
2.3 Details describe: -Time of Day -Time of Year -Time of History -Scenery -Weather -Location
3 Characters
3.1 Protagonist
3.1.1 The Good Guy (Pro)
3.1.2 E.G-Indiana Jones
3.2 Antagonist
3.2.1 The Bad Guy (Anti)
3.2.2 E.G- Darth Vader
3.3 Characterization- Is the way in which an author shows the personality of the character. (The technique in which an author brings their character to "life"
3.4 Characters are people or animals in the story
3.5 The writer can tell you directly about the character
3.6 The writer can tell you indirectly abut the character
4 Conflict
4.1 Man VS Society Man VS Himself Man VS Nature
4.2 The writer can add different types of conflict.
4.3 Foreshadowing- Its a technique used by writers to put their readers on edge, they give way that something bad is going to happen before the event actually occurs.
4.4 Conflict adds interest to the story, it causes tention, excitement, drama.
5 Theme
5.1 The main idea throughout the story.
5.2 E.G.- Romeo and Juliet, the main theme present I felt was passion ,for their was passion of hatred and passion of love.
6 Descriptive Language
6.1 The five senses: Sound, Sight, Taste, Smell, Feel
6.2 Descriptive words
6.3 Bio-graphical detail
7 Poetic Language
7.1 Simile
7.2 Metaphor
7.3 Allitertion
7.4 Assonance
8 Poetic Licence- When a writer uses a word in a conventional way, they use it incorrectly. E.G.- "Where the channel snaked".You bend the meaning
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