New Role

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My overview of my new role and priorities

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New Role
  1. Line management
    1. MH challenges
        1. Diversification?
          1. Passport
            1. Work experience
              1. Enrichment
                1. More than just qualifications
              2. GL communication and actions
              3. Curriculum Planning & Vision
                1. HoDs documents
                  1. Innovative overview
                    1. Encouraging innovation
                      1. Competitor analysis
                        1. Delivery models and pathway options
                          1. Awarding body review (NQF impact)
                    2. Student finance
                      1. Understand role and function
                        1. Support as needed
                        2. Audit and return
                          1. Monitor budget spend
                          2. School partnerships
                            1. School links
                              1. Better buy-in from HoDs
                                1. Better planned (less ad hoc)
                                2. Prospectus
                                  1. Late November print?
                                  2. Existing relationships
                                    1. Gather intelligence
                                      1. Reinforce positive relationships
                                        1. Revisit negative/neutral relationships
                                        2. Review post-16 offer of other providers
                                          1. Strategically align our offer to compliment theirs
                                      2. Competitions
                                        1. Skill show preparation
                                          1. Meeting to plan/support
                                            1. Travel arrangements
                                            2. Coach plans?
                                              1. PR opportunities
                                              2. Regional role?
                                                1. AoC work to follow up?
                                                2. Employer engagement in competitons?
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