BAA- buyers Admin Assistant

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BAA- buyers Admin Assistant
1 Career opportunities
1.1 high street
1.1.1 better pay
1.1.2 more job responsibility
1.2 designer
1.2.1 harder to progress
1.2.2 better opportunities
1.3 get to be a head of an department if good at your job
2 roles and responsibilites
2.1 trend research
2.2 comp shops
2.3 assisting grament tech
2.4 dealing with phone calls and emails
2.5 researching (General)
2.6 admin support
2.7 making tea and coffee
2.8 managing the critical path
2.9 selling and pre production samples
2.10 negotiation
3 Team sturcture
3.1 1) BAA
3.1.1 £15K - £20K per year Takes around 5 years to get to buyer
3.2 2) buying assistant
3.3 3) Buyer
3.4 4) Head of category (shoes, dresses, jerseys)
3.5 5) head of division
4 BM
4.1 1) VM - displaying the product in the right way
4.2 2) other product categories
4.3 3) merchandising - supply and allocate the products to different stores
4.4 4)suppliers / sourcing - work with the buyers to get the product made and into the differetn stores
4.5 5) design - works with the buyer to design the product and see if its right and to select the different materials
4.6 6) garment tech - check the standers of the product
4.7 7) online - deal with any complaints and returns with products brought from the store and reports back to the buyer
4.8 8) Retail ops - work in store (employees) and report back to the buyers
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