Searching for Sugarman

Fern Calderwood
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Fern Calderwood
Created by Fern Calderwood about 4 years ago
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Searching for Sugarman
1 Coming from Reality (1971)
1.1 Cold Fact(1970) Debut album.
1.1.1 BOTH ALBUMS BOMB IN AMERICA FOUND A HUGE AUDIENCE IN SOUTH AFRICA -APARTHEIRD ERA South Africa's answer to BOB DYLAN Austrailia discovered rodriguez before south Africa. A handful of copies of Rodriguez's 1970 debut LP, Cold Fact, reached Australia months after the album bombed in America. Record stores started selling Cold Fact for upwards of $300.- Huge sales across australia Soundtrack for the revolution
1.3 Light in the Attic reissued "Cold Fact" in August 2008 and Coming From Reality in May 2009.
2 Rodriguez received no payment for his success in South Africa and was unaware of his presence there
2.1 Someone is South Africa was reeling the success of Rodriguez's album
2.1.1 SEARCH FOR SUGARMAN SUICDIE SET ON FIRE Shot himself during gig 1990 South African fans went in search of Sugarman- documented their search which became award winning musi1990 South African fans went in search of Sugarman- documented their search which became award winning music documentary "Searching for Sugarman Found in detroit After 2 failed album releases- Rodriguez became a manual labourer, reaped no payments for his album sales/ radio plays Still lives in the same house he has lived in for 40 years and donates most of his earnings todayto charity ISSUES : Rodriguez received no payment for success until 2008's signing to Light in the Attic. Rodriguez received NO ROYALTIES TO HIS MUSIC 1970's South Africa: three local labels reproduced Rodriguez's two albums under license, the 1970 "Cold Fact" and 1972 "Coming from Reality: After the Fact." South Africans interviewed in the documentary said they sent royalty checks to the United States, to the now-defunct Sussex Records label of former Motown executive Clarence Avant. Industry screwing the artist- either Clarence former executive of Sussex Records label or the 3 labels in south Africa
3 Cold Fact has sold 201,000 since Nielsen SoundScan started tracking in 1991, 173,000 of those after the film opened, 98,000 in the wake of the Oscar win. Coming from Reality has moved 105,000 albums, 99,000 since the movie hit, 60,000 post-Academy Awards. And the soundtrack album (which was picked up by Sony’s Legacy catalog division) boasts 152,000 in sales