(5) The functions of Pressure Groups continued

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(5) The functions of Pressure Groups continued
1 Redress of grievance
1.1 They provide an important access point for those seeking redress of grievance.
1.2 •Ghurkha Justice Campaign •Media watch-UK •NO2ID
1.3 Though the process of people being wronged they have a strong need for change so are more likely to apply more pressure on government
2 Representation of minorities
2.1 They also represent minorities who cannot represent themselves. This could be because they are unable to connect with a political party or because they do not wish to be.
2.2 •Muslim Council of Britain •English Defence League (EDL)
2.3 Main stream democracy does not always support minorities, so government are more likely to listen to these pressure groups to redress democracy. So they do apply pressure effectively.
3 Public policy
3.1 Many groups play an important role in implementing changes to public policy.
3.1.1 The Church is consulted whenever the government is proposing to make changes to policy areas which may have an impact on spiritual, ethical and moral grounds, for example embryology and stem cell research.
3.2 •Christian Institute
3.3 These pressure groups have moral interest meaning they can apply pressure more easily on there issue to the government and they are usual insider pressure groups mean they are more effective at apply pressure
4 Expert knowledge
4.1 Groups can be an important and valuable source of specialist information/expertise for an overloaded legislature and civil service.
4.1.1 Ministers cannot be expected to know everything that there is to know about a specialist subject (especially if they have a large portfolio), they therefore a reliant upon PGs to provide them with expertise on these areas as again they will be in the know.
4.2 •CBI
4.3 These pressure groups having expertise in a field mean they will be more persuasive and they are usual insider pressure groups Mean they can apply pressure more effectively
5 Check and balance to the power of executive government
5.1 Pressure groups encourage a decentralisation of power within the political system. They act as a check and balance to the power of executive government.
5.2 •The Taxpayers’ Alliance
5.3 These pressure groups are the most likely to persuade the public on issue of check and balances. They are also insider pressure group usually so can apply pressure on the government more easily

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