(3) Main distinctions between parties and pressure groups


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(3) Main distinctions between parties and pressure groups
  1. Parties:
    1. Seek governmental power
      1. Adopt policies across full range of government responsibility.
        1. Have to be accountable for their policies
          1. Must behave responsibly!?
          2. Pressure groups:
            1. Do not seek power
              1. Usually have a wide range of issues.
                1. Do not have to be accountable.
                  1. May act illegally or promote civil disobedience.
                  2. Blurred lines between pressure groups and political parties
                    1. Both may put candidates up for election. Some pressure groups may convert themselves into parties.
                      1. Some pressure groups e.g. trade unions or business groups may develop a wide range of policies.
                        1. Both parties and pressure groups should be accountable to their members.
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