basic chemistry

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basic chemistry
1 is made up of
1.1 chemical elements
1.1.1 containing matter is anything that takes up space and has mass has many diverse forms such as solid, liquid, and gas composed of living both are made up of elements substance that cannot be broken down to simpler susbstance with different properties have 6 main elements consist of carbon hydrogen nitrogen oxygen phosphorus sulfur create molecules when 2 or more elements bond together creating compounds made up of bonds like covalent can be broken into polar sharing electrons is not equal nonpolar sharing electrons is equal 2 atoms share electrons hydrogen help maintain proper function of structure attraction to a slightly positive hydrogen to a slightly negative atom consist of atoms smallest part of an element can be named by atomic symbol also have atomic number number of protons in nuclues then is assigned atomic mass(AMU) mass is constant while weight changes sum of protons and neutrons are made of protons neutrons located in nuclues electrons found in electron shell which forms ions are formed when electrons move to other atoms creating ionic bonds are held by strong attraction between negatively and positively charge ions example salt solid substance that separates and exists as individual ions in water can form isotopes use a tracer to detect molecular changes by sensing radiation atoms of the same number of protons that differ in the number of nuetrons nonliving
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