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Internet revision


A mind map on stuff on the internet to revise for GCSE
Carenza Spence
Mind Map by Carenza Spence, updated more than 1 year ago
Carenza Spence
Created by Carenza Spence over 6 years ago

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Internet revision
  1. What is the internet?
    1. A network of networks
      1. This is connected by a common set of protocols
        1. Used world wide
        2. Digital and analogue
          1. Computer use digital signals
            1. Telephone systems use analogue signals
              1. You have to use a modem to convert between the two.
              2. File Types
                1. Image file
                  1. JPEG
                    1. GIF
                      1. only 256 colours
                      2. PNG
                      3. audio file
                        1. MP3
                        2. Document file
                          1. PDF
                            1. Can be read on multiple devices
                          2. video file
                            1. MPEG
                          3. Router
                            1. Moves data packet along
                              1. Finds the fastest route
                              2. DNS server
                                1. Domain Name System server
                                  1. from domain name
                                    1. To IP addresses
                                2. HTML
                                  1. Hyper Text Mark-up Language
                                    1. Can be read by multiple web browsers
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