Preamble : tells what jobs government should do

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Lays out the 6 purposes of government stated in the preamble.

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Preamble : tells what jobs government should do
1 establish justice
1.1 set up a system that is fair to citizens
1.1.1 courts, jury by peers, Bill of Rights
2 insure domestic tranquility
2.1 keep the peace at home
2.1.1 national guard, Federal Emergency Fund,
3 provide for the common defense
3.1 Protect citizens-defend them
3.1.1 US Military army, navy, coast guard, marine corp, air force,
3.2 dept. of homeland security
4 secure blessings of Liberty
4.1 It's govt.'s job to help you stay free
5 form a more perfect union
5.1 we can make a better country
6 promote the general welfare
6.1 Help the common people
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