C2 Revision Guide

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Chemistry Mind Map on C2 Revision Guide, created by scudf001 on 11/11/2013.

Created by scudf001 almost 6 years ago
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C2 Revision Guide
1 Structure and Bonding
1.1 Chemical Bonding
1.2 Ionic Bonding
1.3 Formula of Ionic Compounds
1.4 Covalent Bonding
1.5 Metals
2 Structure and Properties
2.1 Giant Ionic Structures
2.2 Simple Molecules
2.3 Giant Covalent Structures
2.4 Giant Metallic Structures
2.5 The Properties of Polymers
2.6 Nanoscience
3 How much?
3.1 The Mass of Atoms
3.2 Masses of Atoms and Moles
3.3 Percentage and Formulae
3.4 Equations and Calculations
3.5 The Yield of a Chemical Reaction
3.6 Reversible Reactions
3.7 Analysing Substances
3.8 Instrumental Analysis
4 Rates and Energy
4.1 How Fast?
4.2 Collision Theory and Surface Area
4.3 The Effects of Temperature
4.4 The Effects of Concentration or Pressure
4.5 The Effects of Catalysts
4.6 Catalysts in Action
4.7 Exothermic and Endothermic Reactions
4.8 Energy and Reversible Reactions
4.9 Using Energy Transfers from Reactions
5 Salts and Electrolysis
5.1 Acids and Alkalies
5.2 Making Salts from Metals of Bases
5.3 Making Salts from Solutions
5.4 Electrolysis
5.5 Changing at the Electrodes
5.6 Extractions of Aluminium
5.7 Electrolysis of Brine
5.8 Electroplating

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