Food: Where Does It Come From

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Let Us Have A Look In Different Eating Habits Of Animals And Other Products Which Are Existing

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Food: Where Does It Come From
1 Animal Products
1.1 Products Obtained From Animals Are Called Animal Products
1.1.1 Example: Meat, Fish ETC
2 Plant Products
2.1 Products Obtained From Plants Are Called Plant Products
2.1.1 Example: Palak, Chillies ETC
3 Herbivore
3.1 Animals Which Eat Plants Are Called Herbivores
3.1.1 Example: Cow, Buffalo ETC
4 Carnivore
4.1 Animals Which Eat Other Animals re called Carnivore
4.1.1 Examples: Lion, Tiger
5 Omnivores
5.1 Animals Which Eat Both Plant And Animals Are Called Omnivores
5.1.1 Example: Bears, Fox ETC
6 Piscesvores
6.1 Animals Which Love To Eat Fish Are Called Piscevores
6.1.1 Example: Bear ETC
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