Lennie + George

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IGCSE English Mind Map on Lennie + George, created by OrangeJIM on 11/11/2013.

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Lennie + George
1 Great Depression
1.1 No Money
1.2 Bindle Only
1.3 Hard to find Work
1.4 No Friends or Hope
2 American Dream
2.1 Owning own Land
2.1.1 Buy from couple
2.1.2 Candy's Money Helps
2.2 Living offa the Land
2.3 Hope
2.3.1 To be Self-Sufficient
2.4 Characters Associated
2.4.1 George + Lennie Own a Ranch
2.4.2 Curley's Wife Hollywood Film Star
2.4.3 Candy George + Lennie Dream
2.4.4 Crooks (Briefly) George + Lennie Dream
3 Trust
3.1 George looking out for Lennie
3.2 Boss's Interview
3.3 Lennie Trusts George to Return
4 George
4.1 Small, Quick
4.2 Shrewd, Intelligent
4.3 No Permanent Employment
4.4 Good Judge of Character
4.5 Peaceful, No Fights
4.6 Power over Lennie
4.6.1 Curley Fight
4.7 Full of Compassion
4.7.1 Lennie Mercy Killing
4.8 Lonely for Intellectual People
4.8.1 E.G Slim
5 Lennie
5.1 Childs Mind
5.1.1 Basic Cunning
5.1.2 Dreams of Tending Rabbits
5.1.3 Harms out of Affection
5.2 Large Body, Big Hands
5.2.1 Curley Fights him due to Size!
5.3 Animal Likeness
5.3.1 "Dabbed his paw"
5.4 Represents an Unfair World
5.5 Trouble with Mind
5.5.1 Weed Incident
5.5.2 Death of Curley's Wife
5.5.3 Killing of small rodents
5.5.4 Killed Pup
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