Chapter 2: Application Software

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Chapter 2: Application Software
1 Making Business Work
1.1 1. Office application suites
1.1.1 Word Processing
1.1.2 Spreadsheet
1.1.3 Presentation
1.1.4 Database software
1.2 2. Personal information manager software manages email, contacts, calendars, and tasks
1.3 3. Project management software helps businesses keep projects on schedule
1.4 4. Document management systems
1.4.1 Save electronic documents
1.4.2 Share electronic documents
1.4.3 Search electronic documents
1.4.4 Audit electronic documents
2 Making it Personal
2.1 1. Personal productivity software
2.1.1 Office applications
2.1.2 Financial
2.1.3 Reference
2.2 2. Entertainment software
2.2.1 Media management
2.2.2 Photo and video editing
2.2.3 Games
2.3 3. Education and reference software
2.3.1 Trip planning
2.3.2 Genealogy
2.3.3 Landscaping
2.4 4. Portable apps can be stored on and run from a flash drive
3 Will it Run?
3.1 1. File Explorer can help you determine the drives and storage space available on your computer
3.2 2. You can find out your system specifications by using the System control panel or the About This Mac window
3.3 3. System requirements are the minimum requirements needed to run software and include hardware and software specifications
4 Where to Get It
4.1 1. When you purchase software, you don't own it, but are only licensing it - unless it's open source
4.2 2. You should read the EULA (end-user license agreement) to determine the restrictions and potential add-on features related to the software before you install it
4.3 3. Not all proprietary software has a fee, and not all open source software is free
5 Your Head in the Cloud
5.1 1. The cloud is the Internet
5.2 2. Cloud computing uses hardware and software resources that are in the cloud instead of local
5.3 3. Cloud computing services
5.3.1 Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)
5.3.2 Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
5.3.3 Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
6 Managing Software on Your System
6.1 1. Installing programs
6.1.1 App store
6.1.2 Flash drive/ DVD
6.1.3 Download from website
6.2 2. Software publishers regularly release updates to their programs
6.3 3. When you no longer need a program on your computer, you should uninstall it by using the proper uninstaller
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