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Initial Ideas


Initial ideas
Mind Map by JustAlexC, updated more than 1 year ago
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Initial Ideas
  1. Locations
    1. Bedroom set-up
      1. Colchester Town
        1. Field/Park
          1. Stage?
            1. Pub?
              1. London
              2. Target Audience
                1. Female
                  1. 17-25
                  2. Male
                    1. 30-40
                    2. Middle Class
                      1. Niche
                        1. White
                        2. Characters
                          1. Artist
                            1. Artist's partner
                              1. Friend of the artist
                                1. Crowds
                                  1. Children - artist and his friend
                                  2. Storyline
                                    1. Frank going through old photos of his childhood and realising how much things have changed. Wants to regain contact with his old friend from his childhood. Decides to send him a letter.
                                      1. Flashbacks to when Frank was a child with his friend, playing around in all the places they used to.
                                      2. Type of Narrative
                                        1. Friendship
                                          1. Todorov's Theory
                                            1. Equilibrium - Frank with photos
                                              1. Disruption - Frank visits old places and starts to miss his friend
                                                1. Equilibrium - Friend with old photos
                                                  1. Recognition - Frank realises how much things have changed since his childhood
                                                    1. Resolution - Frank decides to try and recontact his friend by sending him an old photograph
                                                  2. Type of Performance
                                                    1. Other aspects intertwined with and reflected in narrative
                                                      1. Some aspects separate from narrative
                                                        1. Minimal live performance
                                                        2. Inspiration
                                                          1. Shot of Frank Turner on stairs from original video
                                                            1. Kawbs - Walk, escalator shot
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