Wings of Fire: The Lost Heir

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Story elements

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Wings of Fire: The Lost Heir
  1. Characters
    1. Tsunami
      1. impatient at times
        1. Sea wing heir
        2. Anemone
          1. feels caged
            1. A Sea wing heir
            2. Queen Coral
              1. Loving/overprotective
                1. Sea wing Queen
                2. Clay
                  1. Mudwing
                    1. caring/has fire proof scales
                    2. Glory
                      1. Rainwing
                        1. Isn't always happy
                        2. Sunny
                          1. Sandwing
                            1. Likes everyone
                            2. Starflight
                              1. Nightwing
                                1. smart/can memorize thing.
                              2. Setting
                                1. In a time with dragons
                                  1. Pyrrhia/Sea Wing palace
                                  2. Theme
                                    1. Think, listen to what you believe.
                                      1. Tsunami found out that if she thought about stuff all the way through it would be easier to have people agree with her.
                                    2. Main Conflict
                                      1. The dragonets of destiny (Tsunami, Clay, Sunny, Starflight, Glory) have to choose the next Sand Wing Queen
                                        1. A Queen was assassinated so a prophecy was told about dragonets stopping a war and choosing the next Queen.
                                        2. The dragonets are trying to find a safe place to stay and to meet the parents they were taken from
                                          1. They just escaped from the Skywing castle and are now trying to find a safe place to be protected.
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