Elements of Mr. Lemoncellos Libary

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Story Elements

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Elements of Mr. Lemoncellos Libary
1 Main Conflict
1.1 Cause
1.1.1 The time is up on the lock in
1.2 Conflict/Problem
1.2.1 The lock in is done and they have to get out and the way in isn't out.
2 Theme
2.1 How brought out in book
2.1.1 When th
2.2 How brought out in book
2.2.1 When they started playing all started playing get out of the library game.
2.2.2 Message/Theme The theme is or message is that libraries are fun.
3 Characters
3.1 Kyle
3.1.1 Leader
3.1.2 Characteristic Funny
3.1.3 Nice
3.2 Mr. Lemoncello
3.2.1 Weried
3.3 Charles
3.3.1 Sneak
3.3.2 Mean
4 Setting
4.1 Place/Location
4.1.1 Mr.Lemoncellos Libary
4.1.2 Setting Time A futre libary
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