Unit on Negotiations

EL Elaine Kendrick
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EL Elaine Kendrick
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This is a CLIL unit plan for an ESL/EFL unit on negotiations.

Resource summary

Unit on Negotiations
1 Content
1.1 Influencing Others
1.2 Making a pitch (argument)
1.3 Finding Common Ground
1.4 Compromising
2 Communication/ Language
2.1 Language of Learning
2.1.1 Business vocabulary
2.1.2 listening: understanding argument structure, using signposting/ transition words
2.2 Language for Learning
2.2.1 verbs - present/imperative, conditional, future
2.2.2 persuasive language
2.2.3 ordinal numbers
2.2.4 Presentation skills
2.2.5 comparative/superlative adjectives
2.2.6 Report writing
2.2.7 Giving advice
2.2.8 agreeing/disagreeing
2.3 Language through Learning
2.3.1 research skills
2.3.2 using feedback
3 Culture
3.1 Communication styles
3.2 Leadership skills
4 Cognition
4.1 Remember: List principles
4.2 Understand: Compare/contrast wants & needs on Venn Diagram
4.3 Apply: Pitch a proposal
4.4 Analyze: Study possible compromises and their affects and prepare a diagram/report or presentation
4.5 Evaluate: Rank the possible compromises and justify the best solution for both parties in a debate
4.6 Create: Design a criteria for negotiating successful outcomes within your context/situation
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