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Colin's Components of a Decent Operating Systems


Colin's Components of a Decent Operating Systems
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Colin's Components of a Decent Operating Systems
  1. Security
    1. Every OS needs security to stop viruses, which can potentially harm your computer.
      1. Windows
        1. Low but improving security. Still able to get viruses
          1. Antiviruses
            1. Norton Security
              1. AVG
                1. McAfee
                  1. Kaspersky
                    1. ESET
                2. Mac
                  1. Cannot get viruses
                3. Firewall
                  1. A firewall is a type of security system that protects your computing by watching what goes in and of your computer through networking
                4. Networking
                  1. The link between other system
                  2. Memory
                    1. Memory Management
                      1. Controlling where memory goes
                    2. File Systems
                      1. All operating systems need support for multiple types of file systems
                      2. Device Drivers
                        1. Device Drivers are important in an operating system because they are used to connect software with hardware.
                          1. Printers
                            1. Network Cards
                              1. Video Cards
                                1. Sound Cards
                              2. Kernel
                                1. Kernel allows basic control over all computer hardware.
                                2. User Interface
                                  1. The User Interface (UI) is the part of the OS where the human can interact with the computer.
                                    1. Examples
                                      1. Mouse
                                        1. Desktop
                                          1. Keyboard
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