Components of Fitness

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A list of components of fitness and their tests and definitons.

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Components of Fitness
1 Cardiovascular Endurance
1.1 Ability of the heart and lungs to supply oxygen to the working muscles and to be used efficiently for a long period of time
1.2 12 Minute Cooper Run/Multi-stage Fitness Test
1.2.1 12 Minute Cooper Run: Mark out a course with a known distance and run around it for 12 minutes whilst counting how many laps completed. Then work out distance run.
1.2.2 Multi-stage Fitness Test: Mark out a 20m section with two cones then play tape. Reach the end cone before the next bleep sounds. If they miss 3 bleeps then they stop and record the level they reached.
2 Muscular Endurance
2.1 Ability of muscles to work for a long period of time without fatigue
2.2 NCF Abdominal Curl Test
2.2.1 Play CD and folow instructions on disc as an assistant counts the number of correct sit-ups completed
3 Muscular Strength
3.1 Ability of muscles to exert a maximum force on a object
3.2 Hand Grip Dynamometer Test
3.2.1 Set dynamometer to zero and hold in hand with a straight arm then adjust the grip. Squeeze as hard as you can and record the data given. Repeat 3 times and take the best result.
4 Flexibility
4.1 The range of movement at or around a joint.
4.2 Sit and Reach Test
4.2.1 Remove shoes and place feet on the edge of the sit and reach box making sure knees are flat on the floor. Then lean forward and reach as far as you can go and record it. If it is past zero then you're in positive numbers but anything less is negative.
5 Balance
5.1 Ability to maintain a centre of mass
5.2 Stork Stand Test
5.2.1 Stand with hands on hip, one foot underneath above the thigh and the assistant starts the stopwatch when the athlete's heel is lifted from the ground. When it touches the floor again, the assistant stops the watch and records down the time. Repeat this 3 times and find an average.
6 Speed
6.1 The time it takes to move a body part from A to B
6.2 Flying 30m Test
6.2.1 Set out a section of 10m followed by a 30m section then another 10m section. Get an assistant standing at the end of the first and second section. The athlete builds up momentum in the first section the runs as fast as he can as he reaches the second section as the assistants start the timer. The second assistant stops the stopwatch as the athlete reaches the end of that section and records the time down.
7 Power
7.1 Sargent Jump Test
7.1.1 The athlete stands beside a wall and makes a mark on it with a straight arm and chalk. Then the athlete jumps from standing and makes a second mark when they've reached their highest point. They then measure the change in height, repeat 3 times and the find the average.
7.2 The ability to combine speed and strength
8 Coordination
8.1 Alternate Hand Throw Test
8.1.1 Stand 2m from a wall and have the ball in one of your hands. Then throw the ball at the wall, then catch it in the opposite hand. Repeat this for 30 seconds, whilst an assistant records the number of times successfully completed.
8.2 The ability to use two or more body parts together to create an effective movement.
9 Body Composition
9.1 The percentage of fat to bone to muscle in your body
9.2 Skinfold Caliper Test
9.2.1 Get some skinfold calipers and set to zero, then pinch the excess skin in various parts of your body. Record these down and find an average at each position.
10 Agility
10.1 Ability to change direction and speed whilst under control
10.2 Illinois Agility Test
10.2.1 Set out a course like the one to the left. The athlete starts in the press-up position and an assistant starts the timer. The athlete as to run around the course and the assistant then records the time taken.
11 Reaction Time
11.1 Time taken to react to a stimulus
11.2 Ruler Drop Test
11.2.1 An assistant holds a ruler just above your thumb and forefinger so it's at the zero line. The assistant drops the ruler at any time and records the number where the athlete grabs the ruler at (top of hand). Repeat this three times and find an average.
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