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Scientific Method


mind map of scientific method and how it works
Vita Compass
Mind Map by Vita Compass, updated more than 1 year ago
Vita Compass
Created by Vita Compass over 6 years ago

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Scientific Method
  1. Observation
    1. Question
      1. Hypothesis
        1. Prediction
          1. Test (Experiment)
            1. Analyze data
              1. Report your Results
                1. Share with the world
                  1. Communicate
                  2. Consider reports to see if hypothesis is true or false
                  3. Testing hypothesis
                  4. Expectation
                  5. Educated guess or suggestion
                  6. Who
                    1. What
                      1. When
                        1. Where
                          1. Why
                            1. How
                              1. Which
                              2. Something to provide scientific explanation for.
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