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These are tips for writing good summary

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how to sum up
  1. 1) Divide…and conquer
    1. First off, skim the text you are going to summarize and divide it into sections. Focus on any headings and subheadings. Also look at any bold-faced terms and make sure you understand them before you read.
    2. 2) Read.
      1. t this point, you don’t need to stop to look up anything that gives you trouble—just get a feel for the author’s tone, style, and main idea.
      2. 3) Reread.
        1. 4) One sentence at a time.
          1. Tips for paraphrasing
            1. Do: 1) use your own words, synonyms or synonym phrases. 2) change the order of the information, 3) change the grammar and sentence structure. 4) keep the meaning, as well as the emphasis on and relationships between main and supporting points the same. reference the original text when paraphrasing written material.
              1. Don't: 1) repeat the information word for word, or change a word here and there, leaving most of the text and the sentence order the same - this is plagiarism. 2)add your own opinions or thoughts - the information should be the same as in the original source
          2. 5) Write a thesis statement.
            1. 6) Ready to write.
              1. Remember these tips: 1) Write in the present tense. 2) Make sure to include the author and title of the work. 3)Be concise: a summary should not be equal in length to the original text. 4) If you must use the words of the author, cite them. 5) Don't put your own opinions, ideas, or interpretations into the summary. 6) The purpose of writing a summary is to accurately represent what the author wanted to say, not to provide a critique.
                1. Avoid plagiarism!!!
                2. 7) Check for accuracy.
                  1. 8) Revise.
                    1. Once you are certain that your summary is accurate, you should (as with any piece of writing) revise it for style, grammar, and punctuation. If you have time, give your summary to someone else to read.
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