Canadian Identity

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Canadian Identity

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Canadian Identity
1 Culture
1.1 Symbols
1.1.1 Icons Heroes Terry Fox David Suzuki Chris Hadfield All the soldiers who fought/fight for our freedom Actors William Shatner Christopher Plumber Seth Rogan Musicians Drake Celine Dion Avril Lavigne
1.1.2 Stereotypical Symbols Igloos Moose Maple Leaf Beaver Goose
1.2 Food
1.2.1 Poutine
1.2.2 Maple syrup
1.2.3 Butter Tarts
1.3 Multicultural
1.3.1 Chinatown
1.3.2 Kensington Market
1.3.3 Little Jamaica
2 Government
2.1 Parties
2.1.1 Conservative In Power Steven Harper
2.1.2 NDP Jack Layton Tom Mulcair
2.1.3 Liberal Justin Trudeau Growth for the middle class
2.1.4 The Green Party Elizabeth May Climate Change Action
2.2 Famous Leaders
2.2.1 John A. Macdonald
2.2.2 Pierre Trudeau
2.2.3 Lester B. Pearson
2.2.4 Wilfred Laurier
2.3 Parliament
2.3.1 House Of Commens
2.3.2 The Senate
2.3.3 Parliament Hill
2.3.4 Laws
3 Inventions
3.1 Canadarm
3.1.1 Spar Aerospace Ltd
3.1.2 1981
3.2 Snowblower
3.2.1 Joseph-Armand Bombardier
3.2.2 1937
3.3 Walkie Talkies
3.3.1 Donald L. Hings
3.3.2 1937
3.4 Pacemaker
3.4.1 John Hopps
3.4.2 1950
4 Geography
4.1 Landform regions
4.1.1 Great Lakes-St Lawrence Lowlands
4.1.2 Western Cordillera
4.1.3 The Appalachains
4.1.4 Interior Plains
4.1.5 The Canadien Sheild
4.1.6 Hudson bay-Arctic Lowlands
4.2 Landmarks
4.2.1 Man Made CN Tower Canada's Wonderland Notre-dame Basilica Casa Loma
4.2.2 Natural Niagara Falls The Rockies Banff National Park
4.3 Bodies of water
4.3.1 The Great Lakes Simcoe Ontario Huron Michigan Erie
4.3.2 Hudsons Bay
5 Sports
5.1 Winter
5.1.1 Hockey Sidney Crossby Wayne Gretzky Maple Leafs Marlies
5.1.2 Curling Russ Howard
5.1.3 Figure Skating Patrick Chan Chris Browning Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir
5.2 Summer
5.2.1 Lacross National Sport
5.2.2 Basketball Invented Here Raptors
5.2.3 Baseball Bluejays Troy Tulowitzki David Price
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