Gatsby's Development

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Mind Map of Character Development - Gatsby

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Gatsby's Development
1 Name: Jay Gatsby / James Gatz
1.1 Gatz is a Jewish name
1.2 Jay Gatsby sounds more dignified
1.3 James Gatz is a working class name
1.4 name change shows shift in social class
2 imagery and symbolism
2.1 pink suit - represents change in status and new money
2.2 green light - represents Gatsby's hopes and dreams
2.3 residence in West Egg - represents new money
2.4 Gatsby's mansion - love for Daisy and unnecessary grandeur of 1920s
2.5 Gatsby's parties - represent hedonistic lifestyles
2.6 Gatsby's books - uncut pages represents facade and fake veneer
3 comment in the narrative voice
3.1 at first, described with disdain
3.2 in the end, described with respect
3.3 portrayed as an idealistic fool
3.4 shady past is insinuated
3.5 suspicious storyteller
4 other characters' comments
4.1 Jordan: shady mysterious man but she likes him
4.2 Daisy: loves him and his wealth
4.3 Tom: foolish man with ridiculous stories
4.4 George: Thinks he killed Myrtle
4.5 owl eyed man - impressive
5 what Gatsby says about himself
5.1 Oxford man
5.2 rajah
5.3 humble
6 his actions
6.1 pining after Daisy for 5 years
6.2 orchestrating a tea to meet her
6.3 throwing parties
6.4 fighting Tom
6.5 shows off his wealth
7 contrasts of character
7.1 original character: wealthy mysterious man
7.2 final character: unlucky fool
8 character groups
8.1 part of the upper class
8.2 from East Egg
8.3 doesn't fit in
9 Gatsby = protagonist
10 selective detail
10.1 his smile
10.2 pink suit
10.3 yellow green car
10.4 Oxford
10.5 Dan Cody
10.6 reveal only sections of his past
10.7 old sport
10.8 formal speech
10.9 isolation
10.10 no appearance detail

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