English Literary Devices

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English Literary Devices
1 Allegory - word that has a second moral meaning
2 Alliteration - Repetition of initial constant sound
3 Allusion - refers to external event that audience/reader would know about (e.g American Dream)
4 Blank Verse - iambic pentameter that doesn't rhyme
5 Caesura - a pause (, or ;) in the middle of a line
6 Cacophony - harsh sound
7 Euphony - pleasant sound
8 Imagery
8.1 Aural
8.2 Gaustatory
8.3 Tactile
8.4 Olfactory
8.5 Organic
8.6 Visual
9 Irony - dramatic/ self-contradictory aspect
10 Metaphor - comparison without like/as saying it is something
11 Onomatopoeia - sounds like the word it is
12 Paradox - two things that shouldn't exist at one time, but do (e.g bittersweet)
13 Personification - "Things" given a human characteristic
14 Phonetic Intensive - When the sound of a word emphasises its meaning
15 Simile - comparison using 'like' or 'as'
16 Tone - writer's attitude
17 Anaphora - Repetition of words/phrases at beginning of each line
18 Conceit - comparison of two dissimilar things
19 Pathetic Fallacy - reflection of actions/moods/events through the weather
20 Persona - character
21 Assonance - repetition of the vowel sound
22 Extended Figure - imagery continued throughout poem
23 Antithesis - juxtaposition of contrasting words or ideas (e.g to black for heaven and yet too white for hell
24 Apostrophe - addressing object/character/idea who is not there as though they can reply
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