English Literature AQA B - Openings

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AQA English Literature, Section B revision on openings within the texts. Rossetti, Gatsby, Browning and the kite runner

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English Literature AQA B - Openings
1 Rossetti
1.1 Cousin Kate
1.1.1 Describes her past (contect) Analepsis (Structure aspect of narrative) Prolepsis and foreshadowing when the great lord is mentioned
1.1.2 Repetition of find me out
1.1.3 Clear that Rossetti is going to write a ballad because we know that she is about to tell us a story
1.1.4 Clear who sympathy should be aimed towards (the "flaxen""cottage maid")
2 Browning
2.1 Porphyria's lover
2.1.1 Pathetic fallacy Wind and rain
2.1.2 "Heart fit to break" Foreshadows death
2.1.3 informed on what the narrator is actually like.
3 The kite runner
3.1 Setting and Time change
3.1.1 America, kabul, Sanfrancisco
3.1.2 represents Amirs retrospective narrative as foreshadowing and proplepsis' are presented
3.2 Only other voice is "for you a thousand times over" which shows impact on Amir
4 The Great Gatsby
4.1 East Egg and West Egg
4.1.1 less fashionable
4.1.2 New money
4.1.3 Mansions
4.1.4 New money
4.2 Nicks past
4.2.1 Living in the west and moving
4.2.2 First line is about not judging people
4.3 Setting the scene (Setting of both places)
4.4 The 1st person narrative of nick
4.4.1 Unreliable (apparently not judgemental but judges Tom)
4.4.2 Wont give much away about himself Shows that Nick isnt Fitzgeralds main focus.

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