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Describes the three different types of rainfall (Convectional, Relief, Frontal)

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  1. Convectional
    1. heavy rain from pervious storm means ground is wet
      1. ground is warmed from the sun
        1. the moisture from the ground is evaporated and rises with the warm air
          1. the firther away from the ground the colder the temperature
            1. because it is starting to become colder the water condenses
              1. precipitation is released
      2. convectional rainfall is most common in the tropics
      3. Relief
        1. when warm winds are blown in from the sea carrying heavy moisture
          1. warm saturated air travels over a coastal mountain barrier
            1. air has to rise over this higher area and so will cool and condense forming rain
        2. Frontal
          1. when warm air carried from the tropics meets cold air carried from the polar regions
            1. warmer saturated but lighter air rises over the cold air
              1. as it does it is cooled and eventually the dew point is reached and the moisture condenses
                1. precipitation is released
          2. three types: Convectional, Frontal, Relief
            1. how it works:
              1. Warm air on the ground causes water to evaporate
                1. warm air and water vapour is forced to rise
                  1. as it rises the air/watervapour cools
                    1. water vapour begins to condense due to cool air, condenses to minute water droplets (clouds)
                      1. if cooling continues increase in size of water droplets will cause rain
              2. prevailing south westerly winds bring a lot of relief rainfall to england
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