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1 VALUE CONCENCUS: A group of people with the same aims and values who believe in the same end goal
1.1 IDENTITY: Items of clothing that are the same throughout religion, therefore showing which religion a person belongs to.
1.1.1 SOCIAL ORDER: Creates social norms and values through religion for example extremists have social norms of violence and destructions due to religion
2 SOCIAL SOLIDARITY: Groups of people coming together and forming a community based on their religion and their beliefs
3 COLLECIVE CONSCIENCE: Everyone has the same ideas and values due to their specific religion
4 DURKHEIM: Sacred item are ones that hold a holy value such as a cross or a church. Profane items are ones that hold no Religous value or meaning such as a cup or a football
4.1 CRITICISMS OF DURKHEIM: Fragmented and broken as in post modernists society people believe in many different religions and have many different norms and beliefs.
5 MALINOWSKI: Life Crisis- people will turn to religion and God during a time of crisis and use prayer as a form of help or guidance
5.1 PARSONS: Answering the Unanswerable- People will use religion to answer unanswerable questions for example if a child was terminally ill people would say things like 'God only takes the best'
5.1.1 PARSONS: Sacralisation- To make something holy or sacred. The American dream religous
6 BELLAH- Civil Religion- We have big events that bring us all together as people now are becoming less Religous. These events include Christmas, Royal Events and 7/7
6.1 Beckford said that "If the UK has a civil religion it is at best occasional and at worst weak"
7 DURKHEIM: Totemism- People used Totems as their sacred object to form a society with the same norms, values ad beliefs

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