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PPR Vocab


15 PPR Exam Vocabulary words divided by teacher-centered words and student-centered words into a mind map to aid teachers in preparing for the PPR.
Mackenzie Spanio
Mind Map by Mackenzie Spanio, updated more than 1 year ago
Mackenzie Spanio
Created by Mackenzie Spanio over 6 years ago

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PPR Vocab
  1. Teachers
    1. Pedagogy
      1. The art, profession, or study of teaching.
      2. Teacher-centered
        1. Traditional teaching style in which teachers make all of the decisions focusing on the subject
        2. Curriculum
          1. What we teach
          2. Instruction
            1. How we teach the curriculum
            2. Rationale
              1. Reason behind a lesson or rule
              2. Scope
                1. Amount covered by one lesson or activity
                2. Self-directed learning
                  1. The process of gradually shifting responsibilities for learning to the students through activities that engage them in increasingly complex patterns of thought.
                  2. Explicit
                    1. Clearly defined or direct.
                  3. Students
                    1. Empowerment
                      1. To have control or be confident in one's abilites
                      2. Proficiency
                        1. Correctly demonstrating a skill
                        2. Precocious
                          1. Advanced in development
                          2. Feedback
                            1. Information about the result of a performance
                            2. Learner-centered/ Student-centered
                              1. Teaching style focusing on the needs of the students.
                              2. Student ownership
                                1. Taking control of the learning process
                                2. Modality/Modalities
                                  1. Preferred way(s) of learning such as seeing (visual), hearing (auditory), touching (tactile), or moving (kinesthetic).
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