Shane Buckley
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Junior Certificate Chemistry Mind Map on Water, created by Shane Buckley on 11/12/2013.

Shane Buckley
Created by Shane Buckley almost 6 years ago
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1 Water Cycle
1.1 Evaporation
1.2 Condensation
1.3 Percipitation
1.4 Seeping
1.5 Flows back to sea
2 Water Treatment
2.1 1.Screening
2.2 2.Settling
2.3 3.Filtration
2.4 4.Chlorination
2.5 5.Fluoridation
3 Hardness
3.1 Hard Water is water that doesn't easily form a lather with soap
3.2 Soft water is water that easily forms a lather
3.3 Hardness is caused by calcium ions

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