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Science Classroom


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Science Classroom
  1. CHAPTER 3 (GH)
    1. Multiculturalism and Science
      1. Investigate people, environments, customs, food, literature, and music.
        1. Investigate history, myths, how it relates to present views, compare and contrast
      2. Gender Equatlity
        1. Typically Girls do not prefer science
          1. Teacher Strategies to for gender equality; especially for girls
            1. Implement various teaching and assessment strategies
              1. encourage participation
                1. talk about women in science
                  1. wait time
                    1. gender neutral language and call on girls for answers equally
                  2. Types of learners
                    1. Auditory, Visual, Tactile, Kinesthetic, Linguistic, Logical and Mathmatical, Spatial, Musical, Accomodator, Converger, Assimilator, Diverger
                    2. Pre- Assessment: Observe, Interview, Notes, Portfolios, Survey, Self Assessment
                    3. CHAPTER 4 (GH)
                      1. Methods for Teaching Science
                        1. Discussion: engages in dialoge and reflection
                          1. Expository: receiving information
                            1. Demonstration: interactive presentations
                              1. Guided Inquiry: active learning process, Investigation, hypothesis, discussion, conclusion
                                1. Open Inquiry or Problem- Based Learning: student generated questions
                                2. Research Based Effective Practices: proven ways to increase student motivation, interest, and achievement
                                  1. NSES: effective practices for teaching science
                                    1. Responding to Student Needs, investigation and inquiry, subject matter, analyze, process skills, evidence, assessing, continuous
                                    2. McREL: strategies that enhance student achievement
                                      1. identify similarities and differences, summarize, reinforce, practice, representations, cooperative learning, objectives, hypothesis, activate prior knowledge
                                      2. Science Notebooks, Lab Reports, Grouping, Cooperative Learning, Adjustable Assignments (Differentiate), Curriculum Compacting ( pre asses, analyze, appropriate task)
                                        1. Lab Reports: understand content through ability to design, conduct, and communicate in an experiment
                                          1. Grouping: placing studnets in different types of groups that benefits the learning
                                            1. Cooperative Learning: instructional, emotional, and personal needs
                                              1. Adjustable Assignments: Differentiate
                                                1. Curriculum Compacting: pre assessing, analyzing, and then giving appropriate task for the level of learner
                                            2. CHAPTER 4 (PMP)
                                              1. Models
                                                1. Concept Formation Model: Question, Brainstorm, Group Ideas, Label, Regroup, Connect
                                                  1. Concept Attainment Model: Provide Examples, Provide Additional Ideas, Tell students to create their own
                                                    1. Group Investigation Model: Puzzlement, Ask Questions, Group Formation, Group Investigation, Group Monitoring, Group Presentation, Group Evaluation
                                                      1. The 5 Es Instructional Model: Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate
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