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1 Split Powers
1.1 Federal: In the US, the federal government shares power with the states.
1.1.1 Citizens vote at the federal and state level
1.2 Unitary: central government has the power, citizens vote for representatives. States have little to no power
1.2.1 Citizens vote for members of federal government
1.3 Confederate: States have the majority of the power. Can give some power to federal government
1.3.1 Citizens vote for state government officials
1.4 Power is divided between federal and state governments
1.5 Enumerated v.s Implied Powers
1.5.1 Enumerated: Explicitly listed
1.5.2 Implied Powers: Necessary and Proper Clause. Not explicity stated in Constitution but needed to carry out enumerated powers
2 The Bill of Rights
2.1 10th Amedment clarifies role of States and Federal government
2.1.1 "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."
2.2 Used to placate Antifederalists that opposed the Constitution
2.2.1 Protects citizen's rights and takes away some federal power
3 Conflict
3.1 The Supremacy Clause
3.1.1 According to the Constitution, laws of federal government are higher than State laws, unless they violate the Constitution
3.2 The Civil War
3.2.1 Federal Government outlawed slavery, but some states still wanted it
3.3 Brown v. Board of Education
3.3.1 Segregation in schools: Little Rock Five
3.4 National League of Cities v. Usery
3.4.1 Minimum wage and maximum hours
3.5 Gay Marriage
4 Changes over Time
5 Core Beliefs
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