Aztec Empire

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Aztec Empire achievements.

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Aztec Empire
1 Origins
1.1 The Aztecs, also known as Mexicas came from the north and west from a place called Aztlan. There they started their civilization, but it didnt last. It is said that they migrated from their home because of great droughts.
2 Chapultepec
2.1 Chapultepec, more commonly known as "Bosque de Chapultepec" was a hill considered a sacred and strategic site for the Aztecs. The Aztecs began using it as a place for their rulers ashes. Chapultepec springs were an important source of water for Tenochtitlan. One of the last battles of the Spanish conquests in the Aztec Emprire with Mexico was held in Chapultepec's hill. In 1785 the Chapultepec castle was built which later on, after achieveing Mexico's independence, became the official residence of the head of state.
3 Eagle and Cactus and Huitzilopochtli
3.1 It is said that the God Huitzilapochtli told the Mayas that where they found an eagle perched in a cactus eating a snake they were going to build a city and start their civilization there. Now, the eagle eating a snake on top of a catus are symbols in the Mexican flag.
4 Tenochtitlan
4.1 Tenochtitlan was located on an island in Lake Texcoco in Central Mexico. Tenochtitlan was an Aztec city that developed during the years 1325-1521 A.D. At the center of the city there was a pyramid which honored the Gods Huitzilaphotli and Tlaloc. In 1521, Tenochtitlan was destroyed by the Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes. Now, Tenochtitlan is modern day Mexico.
5 Moctezuma II
5.1 Moctezuma ll was the emperor of the Aztec Civilization. In 1519 Hernan Cortes, the Spanish Conquistador, arrived to the Aztecs land. The Aztec didnt liked the frequent demand of tributes for sacrifices Moctezuma declared. Thats why some of his people turned their back to him and soon after the Aztec Empire came to an end.
6 Tributes to the mexicas
6.1 The Aztec Empire was surrounded by other smaller civilization. Since the Aztecs had lots of power, this civilizations payed them resources they had, gold, silver, jewlery, jade, feathers and food.
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