The Aztecs

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A mind mapa explaining the cultre of the Aztecs

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The Aztecs
  1. Origins
    1. The Aztec empire was a group of people that came from a town called Aztlan. They came from the north trying to find a place to settle in and be able to build a society
    2. Chapultepec
      1. Chapultepec was the place were the Aztecs first settled. They were there for a few yeas, and learned a lot about agriculture, and architecture.
      2. Eagle, Cactus, and Huitzilopochtli
        1. The god Huitzilopochtli, told the aztec people to move, and find a special sign. That sign would be were they should settle, and it would be, where they saw an eagle eating a snake in a a cactus. They found this scene in the middle of a lake. This is where they would build Tenochtitlan
        2. Tenochtitlan
          1. Tenochtitlan was the city built over the lake Texcoco, where the Aztecs found the eagle. Tenochtitlan was the center of the empire, and all the other cities payed tax to the ruler in Tenochtitlan. This city was were where the Ruler of the empire lived, and the nobles came to attend him
          2. Moctezuma II
            1. Moctezuma II, was the ninth ruler of the Aztec whose reign was from 1502 to 1520. During his reign, the Aztec Empire maximized its size. Through war and conquest, he expanded the territory of the Aztecs all the way to Chiapas and Tehuantepec.
            2. Tributes to the Mexicas
              1. The towns owned by the Aztec empire payed tribute to the ruler and the city of Tenochtitlan. This tributes were often beans, squash, corn, crafts, etc. The amount that each city had to pay of something, varied depending on what the main source of income of that city was.
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