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The Honest Truth


The honest truth
Elizabeth Yost
Mind Map by Elizabeth Yost, updated more than 1 year ago
Elizabeth Yost
Created by Elizabeth Yost over 6 years ago

Resource summary

The Honest Truth
  1. Setting
    1. Washington
      1. Present Day
      2. Theme
        1. Even though Mark didnt physically reach the top of the mountain, he still made it farther than what he should've gone.
          1. The truth isn't always seen, sometimes you have to feel it.
          2. Characters
            1. Mark
              1. Determined
                1. Sad
                2. Jess
                  1. Hopeful
                    1. Kind
                  2. Main conflict
                    1. Mark is running away to climb a mountain and doesn't tell anyone.
                      1. Mark just learned that the cancer came back and he doesn't have very much time left.
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