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A Crack in the Sky


A mind map for my book A crack in the Sky
Jade Jones
Mind Map by Jade Jones, updated more than 1 year ago
Jade Jones
Created by Jade Jones over 6 years ago

Resource summary

A Crack in the Sky
  1. Setting
    1. Inside the Dome
      1. In the Outside
        1. The InfiniCorp Facility
        2. Charactors
          1. Tabitha
            1. Trait: Quick Thinker
              1. Trait: Brave
              2. Marilyn
                1. Trait: Loving
                  1. Trait: Brave
                  2. Eli
                    1. Trait: Curious
                      1. Trait: Adventurous
                    2. Theme
                      1. Message: Sometimes knowing the truth is dangerous
                        1. Brought out in the book: He learns the truth about his family's corporation and is then banished to the Outside
                        2. Main Conflict
                          1. Cause- Eli was investigation his grandfathers business and found out information he was not supposed to know
                            1. Conflict- Eli was taken to a remote location in the Gulf of Mexico, to a correctional facility, to learn how to not betray the corporation. Only he didn't really betray them.
                            2. Author- Mark Peter Hughes
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