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It contains a lot of aspects about Universal grammar.

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1 IT provides the basic design for all human languages, and individual languages are simply variations on this basic design.
2 All languages have phrase structure rules already established, but languages may have different word orders within the phrases and sentences. Therefore, is the word order which helps to difference two languages. For instance; English is head initial, Japanese is head final. Nevertheless, each language defines for itself the relative word order.
2.1 Those points of variation are called parameters.
2.2 All languages have expressions for requesting information about who, when, where, what, and how. However, there are some differences among them; For example: In the Romance languages, such as Italian, the wh phrase moves as in English, but when the wh phrase questions the object of a preposition, the preposition must move together with the wh phrase. In English, by contrast, the preposition can be “stranded"
2.2.1 A chi hai dato il libro? To whom (did) you give the book? Chi hai dato il libro a? Who(m) did you give the book to?
2.3 These aspects of grammar need not be learned. They are part of the innate blueprint for language that the child brings to the task of acquiring a language. What children must learn are the languagespecific aspects of grammar.
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