Variables, formulae, functions and rules

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Variables, formulae, functions and rules
1 Variable: holds value which can change.
1.1 You can name variables such as 'VAT'
1.1.1 It is clear to see what it is doing.
1.1.2 A range of cells can also be given a single variable name.
2 Pros and cons of using named variables
2.1 Pros
2.1.1 Makes formulas easier to understand
2.1.2 A named variable can also reference a cell in another worksheet without the formula looking any different
2.1.3 Simple to move a variable to another location without any formulas being changed
2.2 Cons
2.2.1 Can be confusing if you use the same name in different worksheets
2.2.2 Pick sensible names - some may be unhelpful
3 Rules: a set of procedures that must be followed in order to get the right answer. Can also be a sequence of events required for the calculation to work.
4 Formulae: performs calculations using numbers, addresses of cells and mathematical operators.
4.1 Formulas contains functions.
4.2 Careful of mistakes i.e. using a named cell that no longer exists or deleting cells that are being used.
5 Functions: Standard routine used to perform common tasks.It represents a complex formula that uses reserved words such as VLOOKUP and IF.
5.1 Performs a specific set of operations on its input values to produce a single output value.
6 Differences between formulae and functions
6.1 Formula
6.1.1 Typed directly into the formula bar Simple calculations
6.1.2 Unable to nest a formula
6.1.3 Do not have built-in wizards
6.2 Functions
6.2.1 Built into the software, special type of formula
6.2.2 Can nest functions
6.2.3 Simplify complicated maths
6.2.4 Built-in wizard e.g. VLOOKUP

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