Internal Factors

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Internal Factors
1 Sony Stores
1.1 The online for Sony have a site called PSN so, where all users that have this function can purchase games from all over the country, from the comfort of their homes. the Sony stores are located all over the country but it sometimes makes it hard to get in touch with them, and find the number associated with your country.
1.1.1 The stores that get the PS4 in, have to charge more, than it would be online, so they would be losing out, cause most people won't pay those prices, so the stores would lose a huge profit. The people that want better prices will shop online
2 Target Market
2.1 Sony Target Market are age ranged from 10-18, but even adults buy the PS4 and newest accessories and games. So they is no real target market that Sony can really look for if everyone is buying so they are okay in that sense.
2.1.1 Sony make products for all types of ages but, they also make it really pricey, so the target market would mainly be for young children who have time to use the product that Sony make, and parents to pay outrageous prices for these games consoles and accessories.
3 Customers
3.1 The customers that purchase different products, hate the customer service they recevice they don't believe that Sony are making a effort to fulfill all their needs as a consumer of their product
3.1.1 The customers may not be happy with the product they are receiving, wheather its to do with the price,the serivce they have received from sony or they just can't afford it.
4 Distributions
4.1 Sony Distribute their product to all over the country, worldwide selling everything they make through PlayStation Global. So Sony can make more gross income which becomes alot more than just selling to a few countries.
4.1.1 Sony distribute their product to many different stores for a big price, making sure that they good value for the money when they different stores purchase, and when they have disturbuted them to customers they will get a nice profit back for the big sells they have made so they can make more of the same product.
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