Our Film Pitch Ideas

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A2 Media Studies film plot ideas

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Our Film Pitch Ideas
  1. Location
    1. Train station
      1. On train
      2. Busy place
        1. Probably big city
          1. London
      3. Characters
        1. Main girl
          1. Aged 17
            1. Degenerative brain disorder
              1. Memory loss throughout film
            2. Main boy
              1. Aged 19
              2. Group of friends
                1. Happy
                  1. Carefree
                2. Genre
                  1. Drama
                    1. Social Realism
                      1. Romance
                        1. Combination
                        2. Links to other films
                          1. Safe Haven
                            1. Runaway
                            2. The Beach
                              1. involves situations to include in ours
                                1. friendship
                                  1. finding a happy place
                                    1. Arguments
                                  2. One Day
                                    1. Like the beach, lots of situations
                                      1. Romance
                                    2. Basic plot
                                      1. Girl runs away
                                        1. due to illness and wanting to be free
                                        2. Meets male (romance begins)
                                          1. Male introduces her to his friend group
                                            1. Girl doesn't tell anyone about her illness
                                              1. Illness gets worse
                                                1. They find out she's ill
                                                  1. They look after her
                                                    1. friends and family
                                                    2. Boy gets her family
                                                    3. Goes to hospital at the end
                                                      1. Where she dies
                                                    4. Possible Issues
                                                      1. Getting to location
                                                        1. Finding actors
                                                          1. Willing to do romance scenes
                                                            1. Willing to travel to locations such as cities
                                                              1. To avoid this we will post on noticeboards looking for people willing to participate
                                                            2. Music ideas
                                                              1. Feel good music
                                                                1. Sad music
                                                                  1. Linking to love
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