Film Trailers

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Film trailers mindmap. A2 Media Coursework

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Film Trailers
    1. Cinemas
      1. Posters
        1. Billboards
          1. Buses
          2. Social Media
            1. Twitter
              1. Facebook
                1. Able to share trailer gain more audience members due to more and more people becoming aware of the film
                2. Youtube
                  1. Pop-up ads
                    1. TV
                      1. Move people watch TV than go to the cinema
                        1. Easier access
                          1. Cheaper
                            1. Relaxation of your own home
                        2. FUNCTION?
                          1. To advertise
                            1. To gain a wider audience
                              1. MONEY
                                1. Publicity
                                2. To inform
                                  1. Release Date
                                    1. Plot
                                      1. Trailers have to be careful not to give too much away or there would be no need to see the film as the best/key parts of the film have already been shown
                                      2. Actors/directors
                                    2. WHEN?
                                      1. School holidays are important!!
                                        1. If the film is family orientated then the school holidays are important as they have more time off school
                                        2. Seasons
                                          1. Colder seasons are better as people are less likely to want to sit in the cinema when the weather is better
                                        3. AUDIENCE
                                          1. Teenagers
                                            1. 35+
                                              1. Families
                                                1. 16-25 aged girls
                                                  1. 16-25 aged boys
                                                    1. 25-35 aged women
                                                      1. 25-35 aged men
                                                      2. MUSIC
                                                        1. I think music is so important in movie trailers in order to set the tone of the film
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