Elements of the Novel

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Story Elements

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Elements of the Novel
1 Characrors
1.1 Name: Lance
1.1.1 Brave
1.1.2 Comical
1.2 Name: Abby
1.2.1 Very creative
1.2.2 Brave
1.3 Slaughter
1.3.1 Angry
1.3.2 Very Strong
2 Main Conflict
2.1 Most of their family got captured by superhumans and they have to try to ecape and the superhumans started a pluage on pupose to see everyone die
2.2 Abbeys friend is a superhuman and that person is the only way to get Max back and then he gets infected by the pluge and Abby and Lance have to save him themselves
3 Setting
3.1 4493 years ago at 7:AM
3.2 Mighty Tharg
4 Theme
4.1 Max Dalton got trapped by super humans and his friends have to help him.
4.2 Max goes to find out what the big building in his neighbor hood and gets captured by superhumans abd its days later before his parents find out
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