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A mind map of symbolism

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1 The Hat - Dan is seen wearing a cap throughout the music video when he is alone and without his girlfriend. And when he is with his former girlfriend during the flashback scenes he is seen wearing the cap. This could be interpreting an idea of loneliness, as the cap can be seen as a representation of his loss, perhaps he finds solace in the cap, depicting an emotional side to the break-up.
2 The Jeans - During the opening scene where Dan wakes up in bed he is seen wearing jeans and appears to be tired and distressed. This is to connote his worries and his emotional state after the break-up. He is seen waking up in his ordinary clothes to show he had a sleepless night of distress.
3 Profanity - It is evident in the video that Dan swears twice during his singing scenes. The repetition of the same swear word represents his anger towards the break-up and his frustration that he has inside him. The remaining lyrics and scenes within the video are appropriate for all ages - we would still target our video at age 12+
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