Biology : Mindmap

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mostly to get the key idea about my biology book

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Biology : Mindmap
1 1.The Nature of life


  • Unite one in Biology: It talks about the works of nature and its chemical aspects in it.
1.1 The science of biology
1.2 The Chemistry of life
2 5.Evolution
2.1 Darwin's Theory of Evolution
2.2 Evolution of Populaations
2.3 Classification
2.4 History of life
3 4.Genetics
3.1 Introduction to Genetics
3.2 DNA
3.3 RNA and Protein Synthesis
3.4 Human Heredity
3.5 Genetic Enginering
4 3.Cells
4.1 Cell Structure and Function
4.2 Photosynthesis
4.3 Cellular Respiration and Fermentation
4.4 Cell Growth and Division
5 2.Ecology
5.1 The Biosphere
5.2 Ecosystems and Communities
5.3 Population
5.4 Humans in the Biosphere
6 6.From Microorganisms to plants
6.1 Viruses and Pokaryotes
6.2 Protists and Fungie
6.3 Introduction to PLants
6.4 Plant Structure and Functions
6.5 Plant Reproduction and Response
7 7.Animals
7.1 Introduction to Animals
7.2 Animals Evolution and Division
7.3 Animal Systems 1
7.4 Animal systems 2
7.5 Animal Behavior
8 8.The human body
8.1 Digestive and Excretory Systems
8.2 Nervous Systems
8.3 Skeletal, Musical, and Integumentary System
8.4 Circular and Respiratory Systems
8.5 Endocrine and Reproductive Systems
8.6 Immune System and Disease
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