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Extended assessment


set work in order to develop our skills on GoConqr
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Created by jasmine.barry over 6 years ago

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Extended assessment
  1. part time work
    1. Work experience
      1. Mayfield school
        1. childcare setting
        2. no relevent work experience already
          1. gain experience through college
        3. family/friends
          1. grandad is a carer
            1. friend has worked in a care home
              1. friend works with disabled children
              2. research
                1. internet can provide others experiences
                  1. a lot of the valid information
                  2. College
                    1. Powerpoints on Moodle
                      1. extra information or help with specific topics
                      2. Library
                        1. HSC books
                      3. topic
                        1. Safeguarding
                          1. Jo's Powerpoints
                          2. Communication
                            1. Sam's Powerpoints
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