Health and social care Extended Assessment

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Brief info on some subjects in communication and safeguarding

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Health and social care Extended Assessment
  1. Communication
    1. Ways of communicating
      1. Verbal
        1. Formal
          1. Informal
            1. Slang
          2. Non-verbal
            1. Braile
              1. Makaton
              2. Text/message
                1. Eye contact
                  1. Body language
                    1. Gestures
                    2. Sign
                    3. With who
                      1. Group
                        1. One to one
                          1. Work colleagues
                            1. Family
                              1. Friends
                            2. Safeguarding
                              1. Types of Abuse
                                1. Neglect
                                  1. Physical
                                    1. Emotional
                                      1. Psychological
                                      2. Problems that occur
                                        1. Report to
                                          1. Line manager
                                            1. Social Workers
                                              1. Police
                                              2. Confidentiality
                                                1. Patients
                                                  1. In the workplace
                                                    1. Responsibility
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